Developing Disruptive Technologies Production Of Strategic Materials

Zhejiang Hytitan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 20, 2016 and is a professional chemical platform under Haihong Holdings Group.

The company is located in the National Chemical New Materials Park in Jiaxing Port Area, covering an area of 71 acres. It researches and produces strategic materials such as thermal control materials, carbon neutrality materials, and new energy materials.

Zhejiang Hytitan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Formerly known as Hangzhou Hi-tech Fine Chemical Co,. Ltd. both of which are wholly-owned or actually controlled subsidiaries of Zhejiang Hi-tech Holding Group Co., Ltd.

Company profile

As of the end of 2022, it has 46 invention patents/7 utility model patents.

It has a 1500 square meter comprehensive scientific research and development center, equipped with a number of liquid phase, gas chromatography, laser particle size analyzer, thermal mechanical analyzer, infrared spectrometer, atomic absorption photometer, Rheometer, gas generation meter and other inspection and test equipment.


Hytitan mission

Developing disruptive technologies

Production of strategic materials

Cultivating innovative talents

Qualification honor