Thermoexpandable Microspheres

Thermoexpandable Microspheres

Thermoexpandable Microspheres refers to the thermal expansion foaming macro particle formed by packaging low boiling point hydrocarbon inside the enclosure of thermoplastic polymer. It is white solid powder particle under normal temperature. Independent hollow bubbles can be formed through the integral sudden expansion of expanding low boiling point hydrocarbon and the softened thermoplastic enclosure by adding heat swelling agent. It thus plays a special role in producing injection molding foaming shoe soles such as PVC and TPR type ones.

Technical Specifications




Solid Content (%)



True Specific Gravity (g/cm3)



Average Particle Size (μm)



Foaming Temperature at Beginning (℃)



Max. Foaming Temperature (℃)



True Specific Gravity After Foaming (g/cm3)



Product features
  • 01. Comprehensive

    Hytitan provides various of foaming agent, ADC/OBSH/Thermoexpandable Microspheres etc.

  • 02. Specificity

    Hytitan products are specifically designed for different material and processing.

  • 03. Dispersion

    Hytitan products are specially processed and surface treated to ensure its good dispersion and free flow ability in polymers.

  • 04. Practicability

    Hytitan provides special foaming agent of different temperatures to adapt  different melting temperature, crosslinking temperature materials and processes.

  • 05. Stability

    Hytitan has technologies such as low-temperature and atmospheric pressure suspension polymerization and high-efficiency mixing and modification to ensure the stability of the product quality of the microsphere expander.

  • 06. No leakage

    Hytitan microsphere expander adopts low temperature and atmospheric pressure polymerization, and the product has no leakage of alkanes.

  • 07. Non-toxic

    Hytitan microsphere expander does not use highly toxic (meth) acrylonitrile in the production, and the product is non-toxic.

Product application
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