Editor:浙江海钛新材料科技股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2023-05-11 

On May 11, 2023, Hytitan Company conducted an emergency response drill for production safety incidents.

As a hazardous chemical production enterprise in the trial production phase, Hytitan is facing significant safety challenges, especially with the majority of its employees being newly recruited.To address this, Chairman Chen Long of Hytitan held a special meeting with management executives. He emphasized the importance of conducting three-level safety education for new employees, training on safe operating procedures for their respective positions, and practical exercises. The emergency response drill placed a primary emphasis on prioritizing the life safety of the employees.


This drill further enhanced the employees' understanding of the hazardous characteristics of the products, promoting a heightened sense of self-protection. It successfully achieved the goal of ensuring that participating employees comprehend the "Four Understandings and Four Abilities." This added layer of protection contributes to the smooth progress of Hytitan's trial production. Safety is an ongoing commitment, and we must approach it with a mindset akin to walking on thin ice. We will diligently adhere to relevant national laws and regulations, standardize operations, fulfill our responsibilities, and prevent potential hazards proactively.