Editor:浙江海钛新材料科技股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2023-01-16 

After the expert review on January 6, 2023, and the implementation of corrective measures, the trial production plan was submitted to the Port District Emergency Management Bureau for record. In the early morning of January 16, the Hytitan modified ADC project officially started trial production. From the feeding process to the packaging process, the entire operation proceeded smoothly in strict accordance with the trial production plan and operational procedures.


Watching the raw materials being transported from the warehouse to the workshop, lifted to the second floor for feeding, and observing the oscillating movements of the vibrating sieve and chain conveyor, the mood at that moment was incredibly exhilarating. Looking back at the groundbreaking ceremony, obtaining planning and construction permits, coordinating construction site progress, anxiously awaiting during pandemic lockdowns, successfully powering up and supplying water, completing the acceptance inspection of building construction, and many other scenes, every effort was made in anticipation of this moment!

The initiation of trial production for the Hytitan modified ADC project signifies the formal establishment of Haihong's chemical project, marking the beginning of Haihong Group's tangible investment and operational activities in the Jiaxing Port Economic Development Zone.