Editor:浙江海钛新材料科技股份有限公司 │ Release Time:2022-08-30 

On August 30, 2022, all employees of Hytitan Company participated in an employee tour organized by the Haihong Group Labor Union. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the tour was arranged within the province and included visits to picturesque locations such as Tonglu Yaolin Wonderland, Yanziling Fishing Platform, and Thousand Island Lake. This provided the employees with a relaxing break from their busy work schedules, and the tour was filled with joyous laughter.


Although the tour lasted only three days, it left a profound impression on the employees. They also experienced the warmth and cultural atmosphere of the Haihong Group family.


With the conclusion of the Hytitan project construction drawing near, heralding the official commencement of trial production, the employees, after enjoying the beauty of the landscapes, are ready to once again fully immerse themselves in their work.