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ADC foaming agent appearance for yellow to light yellow powder, the finer particle , the lighter color . Specific gravity(water=1) is 1.65, flammable but don't support combustion. It is the most economic and widely used organic chemical foaming agent in industrial applications. It is a exothermic foaming agent. Haihong ADC foaming agents have good dispersion and stable gas volume, the residue after decomposition is non-toxic, odorless and non-polluted. Mainly used in production of closed cell rubber & plastic foaming products. Ordinary ADC decomposes at the temperatures of 200 ~ 220℃, to meet the requirements of Rubber and Plastics processing, usually the decomposition temperature is adjusted by adding special additives.

  • 01. Comprehensive

    Hytitan provides various of foaming agent, ADC/OBSH/Thermoexpandable Microspheres etc.

  • 02. Specificity

    Hytitan products are specifically designed for different material and processing.

  • 03. Dispersion

    Hytitan products are specially processed and surface treated to ensure its good dispersion and free flow ability in polymers.

  • 04. Practicability

    Hytitan provides special foaming agent of different temperatures to adapt  different melting temperature, crosslinking temperature materials and processes.

  • 05. Stability

    Hytitan has technologies such as low-temperature and atmospheric pressure suspension polymerization and high-efficiency mixing and modification to ensure the stability of the product quality of the microsphere expander.

  • 06. No leakage

    Hytitan microsphere expander adopts low temperature and atmospheric pressure polymerization, and the product has no leakage of alkanes.

  • 07. Non-toxic

    Hytitan microsphere expander does not use highly toxic (meth) acrylonitrile in the production, and the product is non-toxic.

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